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Brookfield Park, located just east of K7 on Harold, is a relatively new subdivision and a great place to live! Friendly neighbors, numerous community functions, and an excellent homeowners association makes this one of the best locations to live!
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1/16/2018 - Martin Luther King Jr Day!
2/2/2018 - It's Groundhog day! .. Its Groundhog day! .. It's Groundhog day! (Did I mention, it's Groundhog Day!)
2/14/2018 - Happy Valentines Day!
2/19/2018 - Presidents Day! Tribute to Abe and George!
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BFP BRACKET CHALLENGE....Challenge....challenge... (echo)
Brookfield Park Homeowners Association is hosting a neighborhood-wide NCAA March Madness bracket with a few prizes to the lucky winners!
Please do not join if you are not a current Brookfield Park homeowner or a homeowner in "good standing", as you will be disqualified.

Link to come! (They haven't settled on participant teams yet!)

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Visit http://www.rodrock.com/scholarship-program for more information.

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CERT - Community Emergency Response Team
Idea on controlling speeders
New City Parks
Mill Creek/Streamway Bike Trail!
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2018 Brookfield Park HOA Officers and Chairs
President: Alex Watson
Vice President: Erin Carland
Treasurer: Janice Ballantyne
Secretary: Brittany Smith
ACC Chairperson: Tony Matute
Social Committee Chairperson: Rebecca Collins
Streets/Grounds/Park: Nick Gockel
At-Large Member: Sandy Shurling
Web Chairman: Alex Watson
Newsletter (E-Mail): Haleigh Solar
01/23/1756 Wolfgang A. Mozart, musical prodigy
01/23/1915 Potter Stewart, Supreme Court Justice
01/23/1933 Chita Rivera, Actress - West Side Story
01/23/1933 Arlene Golonka
01/23/1958 Princess Caroline Monaco S 01/23/1977 Miniseries Roots premiers
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