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Brookfield Park, located just east of K7 on Harold, is a relatively new subdivision and a great place to live! Friendly neighbors, numerous community functions, and an excellent homeowners association makes this one of the best locations to live!
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7/4/2018 - Independence Day! Happy Fourth!
BFP BRACKET CHALLENGE....Challenge....challenge... (echo)
 The Brackets are over. Thank you all for playing!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Sandra S. First Place with 119 points!
Rebecca C. Second Place with 116 points!
Casey W. Third Place with with 106 points!

Next up? Fantasy Football! Should start late August... Stay tuned!

2018-2019 Fantasy Football
Interested in Fantasy Football? We have a new league forming for the Fall Season!  Draft Day is yet to be set.


Link to league has yet to be set.

*Owners subject to address verification.

Brookfield Park FFL Commissioner
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Landscaping UPDATE
Post Date:06/16/2018 9:00 AM

As you might of noticed our entryway is lacking it's normal sparkle... Well, the landscaping company we were referred to is kind of dropping the ball. They didn't turn the water on until June, and have let our monument and side entry's go into disrepair.

We are currently evaluating landscaping companies the week of June 18 to take out the dead tree and take over the maintenance of our subdivision and will come to a decision at the end of the week.

In the meantime, Haleigh, Sandra and I will be working on the monument island, to clear the weeds and grass that has been building up to make it look a little better... Haleigh and I, have changed the watering schedule to hopefully revive the grass of the common grounds and the front area of the subdivision.

If you would like to participate, or have an idea of a "quality" landscaping company please let us know at

Thank you for putting up with this! I promise we will get this straightened out.

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Egg Hunt 2018
Thanks to all that attended the Egg Hunt! It was fun!
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CERT - Community Emergency Response Team
Idea on controlling speeders
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Mill Creek/Streamway Bike Trail!
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